Supercharged And Superbright

So far the only real issues that were hit with the 0xF722 have been growing pains learning the new nuances of the new processor.  So, I'm taking some time off from coding and testing to fill in some information about the board that I had promised a couple of days back.


This is a quick block diagram that I drew up to explain what is built into microMighty.  It has all the stuff that the former version (0xF413) had plus it's now boasting an embedded flash memory, some extra led's and a battery charger that includes the load switch. 

And, if I haven't mentioned yet, it also has a 216 MHz ARM Cortex-M7 processor with 256K of RAM.  A supercharged procesor core isn't the only real feature... it's also super easy to use too...


Just to have a little fun, I wrote some quick code to drive a neopixel ring (adafruit #1586 ). Those LEDs were so bright that I also had to 3D print a diffuser  to keep from going blind!  The code was written from scratch in less than10 minutes and totals about 57 lines including blank lines and comments.  And we're just really getting started.    !(o_O)!