microMighty is an easy to use processing platform for sensors, embedded control, Internet of Things, signal processing, and many other applications.  Connect microMighty to your computer's USB port and start working on your application right away.  There are no required development tools other than a terminal and a text editor.

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Performance To Go

High-Performance Without The Complexity

microMighty  contains a high-performance 32-bit processor for some serious application processing.  But, we've taken it a step further.  microMighty contains an implementation of the  Lua programming language that is tightly coupled with the hardware to provide maximum performance without the complications of specialized tools to install or reading thousands of documentation pages.  All you need is a text editor and/or a terminal.


Build that great go-anywhere application. microMighty embraces portable applications and battery management.  We even threw in the charger; just connect to the included USB port to charge.


microMighty has 26 I/O, including 4 servo connections, 320 K RAM, and jam packed with timers, PWM's, serial ports and other interfaces.  That's a whole lot of stuff on a 2" x 1.2" board.


microMighty clocks in at 96 MHz. microMighty is a real-time processing platform that has plenty of horsepower for adding features without sacrificing performance. No longer are other platforms required to cover special interfaces or real-time capabilities.


Size Matters

Go Small...


microMighty is a micro-sized platform for today's demanding applications.  At only 2" x 1.2" (that's only 50.8mm x 30.5mm!) microMighty can fit almost anywhere. 

Did we mention that microMighty works with Lithium Polymer batteries?  Built as a portable powerhouse, the microMighty platform runs from battery power and even includes all the circuitry to charge the Lithium-Poly battery from the USB port.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.
— Albert Einstein

Freedom...  Not Limits


Sure microMighty keeps things simple by eliminating tools and using an easy to learn language, but don't be limited by our application frameworks and APIs.  As a fully open platform your welcome to get as close to the hardware as you want.

Keep your application just as simple as needed, but not too simple.

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Technical Information


  • 32-Bit 100 MHz ARM Cortex-M4F processor with a FPU for hardware floating-point operations
  • Adaptive Real-Time Accelerator (ART) for 0 wait-state execution
  • True Random Number Generator
  • CRC Calculation Unit
  • 96-Bit UUID
  • 1.5 MB FLASH w/ 320 KB RAM

Communications and Input/Outputs

  • 3 Controller Area Network (CAN) interfaces
  • 10 - UARTS
  • 5 - SPI Ports
  • 4 - I2C Ports
  • 1 - SDIO
  • 18 - Hardware Timers
  • 2 LEDs
  • USB 2.0 Full-Speed
  • 2 Digital to Analog Converters (12-bit)
  • 1 - 24 Channel, 12-Bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)
  • 26 Analog/Digital I/O

Other Interfaces

  • Built in 500 mA USB single-cell Lithium Polymer battery charger.
  • Auto Load switching between battery and power from USB or external 5V source.
  • Power input from USB, I/O Pin or single cell LiPo Battery pack (JST connection).
  • 8 MHz on-board crystal reference.
  • No hassle labeling of board interconnects.


  • 2" x 1.2" outside dimensions
  • 2 - #4-40 mounting holes
  • -40 C to +85 C operation
  • TBD Weight