What Happened With IoT?

The one thing that you might have noticed about the new microMighty is the lack of anything that even resembles an antenna. So, the burning question is... What the heck happened to the tiny networked IoT platform?  Wasn't IoT a cornerstone application of microMighty?!?!?

Simply... yes.  Yes IoT is important to microMighty, in fact it's one of many very important things in the platform.  IoT has been a big driver in the architecture of microMighty right from the beginning.  Unfortunately, the more I looked into IoT development, the more that I realized that one solution is not the best answer.

microMighty has always been based upon utilizing simplicity (but not too simple!) and modularity to facilitate great things.  Forcing an IoT solution was increasing the board size, limiting options and reducing the flexibility of the platform. So, I am pleased to announce microMighty has a new brother...


microBlue is the first IoT expansion for microMighty.  It adds Bluetooth-LE v4.3 capability for low power IoT and mesh networking capabilities.  The really cool thing is that microBlue can also be used as a stand-alone platform board too! ...But that is another story!

File_002 (1).jpeg

microBlue is designed to work with the microMighty, and interfaces with only 2 pins as a primary interface!  But, since all the pins from microMighty are shared with microBlue, there are no limits placed on what can be done with the two boards together.

The modularizing of the IoT implementations allows microMighty to support more than just BLE (as originally concieved); now microMighty can support WiFi, ZigBee, Wired 802.11, Cellular networking, and many, many more interfaces.