The microMighty LuaBoard (originally just microMighty) was the platform originally developed to for the Lua-based environment that is microMighty.  This platform hosts a powerful ARM Cortex-M7 microcontroller core running at a blazing 216 MHz.  This platform was designed to be an all-in-one general purpose board for building small robots without extra hardware required (other than sensors of course!).

Platform Features

  • 32-Bit 216 MHz ARM Cortex-M7 processor with a FPU for hardware floating-point operations
  • Adaptive Real-Time Accelerator (ART) for 0 wait-state execution
  • True Random Number Generator
  • CRC Calculation Unit
  • 96-Bit UUID
  • 512 KB FLASH w/ 256 KB RAM
  • 3 Controller Area Network (CAN) interfaces
  • 7 - Serial Ports ( 6 UARTS + 1 USB-VCP)
  • 4 LEDs
  • 27 General Purpose I/O (GPIO), 6 Analog Inputs (12-Bit) 

Other Interfaces

  • Built in 500 mA USB single-cell Lithium Polymer battery charger.
  • Auto Load switching: Charge the battery and power from USB or an external 5V source.
  • Power input from USB, I/O Pin or single cell LiPo Battery pack (JST connection).
  • 8 MHz on-board crystal reference.
  • 8 MB FLASH Disk for application and data storage
  • No hassle labeling of board interconnects.


  • 2" x 1.2" outside dimensions
  • 2 - #4-40 mounting holes
  • -40 C to +85 C operation
  • TBD Weight