E2ForLife and microMighty are as much about learning as they are about developing amazing applications in record time.  The cornerstone principle on which microMighty was built was to teach programming and embedded applications in a way that decreases delays in the classroom and promotes a fun and creative environment.


microMighty is a highly flexible, extensible, and simple to use environment for applications big and small.  We made microMighty for makes, because we're makers and want to attract new makers to our family.  Our hardware platforms are specifically designed to support small size applications such as embedded sensors and data collection.


Innovation and creativity are essential in the world, and at the center of both is curiosity.  What happens when...?  microMighty was specifically designed to create a virtual playground for working with sensors, controls, motors, and other devices attached to an embedded system.  There is no need to cycle through the develop-compile-download process to quickly get something going in the lab, and once the initial testing is complete, it's scary how simple and quick it is to change to evaluate many options.