Learning to code with microMighty

Lua, and the microMighty framework provide powerful features for developing embedded applications quickly.  The language is simple to learn and combines a very readable and friendly syntax with powerful data description features that enable the developer.  This is a repository of learning information about both the language and the extensions provided for embedded controls.

Callisto USB.JPG

Lua Basics, and Learning the Language

Learn to use the Lua language from the basics to more advanced concepts such as metatables and parsing strings.  This starts slowly and makes no assumptions about background or previous knowledge.  This is a great starting place for those who are new the Lua.


Embedded Applications with microMighty

This section explains the details on how to use the embedded control extensions of the microMighty environment.  It really helps to already know a little about Lua when working with the hardware interfaces.  If you already know a little Lua, or just want to jup right in start here.