microMighty is an advanced development platform for the development, prototyping, and delivery of custom embedded control solutions.  The uniquely adaptable architecture of the microMighty allows development of custom analog and digital circuits, minimizing external hardware, power supplies, and complexity.  The software component and application frameworks available for microMighty create a simple-to-use yet powerful platform for most applications.


Simple To Use

microMighty contains a powerful library of software components that make quick work of many complicated interfaces.  Support for Ethernet, Bluetooth, NeoPixels, OLED displays, FreeRTOS, and many more "components" make quick work of application development.


Uniquely Creative

microMighty was designed as a platform for learning, experimentation, and producing real-world products. Start from an application template, or create your own custom masterpiece, the choice is up to you.  



With I2C, SPI, UART, I2S, Bluetooth, USB, IrDA, CAN 2.0b, DMA, Multi-channel ADC, Analog/Digital programmable I/O and programmable hardware blocks, microMighty is ready to interface with nearly any device or sensor.