From Then Till Now

It's been a bit of a long road from inception to now the looming 6th revision of the microMighty hardware and kickoff of the IndieGoGo campaign.  Until recently most of you didn't even know that microMighty even existed.  So, I thought I'd take a bit of time to reflect on where I started with the project, and how far microMighty has come.  Also, I'll show you some of the early pictures of the hardware

I started conceptualizing microMighty around 2010 while I was working on a semi-autonomous robot law mower idea.  I realized that while the Arduino was a great board, it lacked the processing power and flexibility that I required for sensor processing and controls.  The Raspberry Pi had loads of horsepower,  but didn't have the real-time capabilities that are required to safely operate a device with sharp spinning blades driving itself around on the lawn.  So, I began working to develop a processor board that was real-time, easy to use, and of course, had ample flexibility for applications.

So, after about 6 years of work  microMighty has evolved into the flexible, simple to use, system development platform that I first envisioned.

As microMighty is being prepared for our upcoming IndieGoGo campaign, I can say that the road behind has been challenging, but I am humbled by the massive outpouring of support that microMighty and I have received from the community who knew of the project. Thank you to those who have supported us so far, and Thank you to you, the reader who is just learning of the project and taking the time to read microMighty's beginnings.  I look forward to traveling the coming road together.... And maybe someday I'll get that mower built after all.