Is microMighty another Arduino or Raspberry PI?

microMighty is similar to an Arduino or Raspberry PI in that it is small, low-cost, and can be used for the development and prototyping of a product, or used in a learning environment, however,  microMighty also has some key performance and adaptable interface differences that set it apart from  Arduino or Raspberry PI.

Does microMighty Run Linux?

No, microMighty does not run traditional Linux.  microMighty fully supports FreeRTOS v9.0.0, which can be used in your designs by dragging the FreeRTOS component on the the schematics within PSoC Creator. The component is 100% open and free to use.

When will microMighty be available to buy?

That is an excellent question!  Everyone involved in the project is working hard to refine the hardware and software to make microMighty amazing.  The first crack at buying one will be through our upcoming IndieGoGo campaign.  Don't be shy, sign up to our mail list so you can be notified when the campaign goes live.

Do I need to perform Certification testing to use Bluetooth?

No. microMighty contains a fully certified Bluetooth-SMART module P/N CYBLE-014008-00 and requires no additional certification testing.

What development tools are required to program microMighty?

microMighty was designed around the Cypress PSoC family of devices and fully supports the Cypress PSoC Creator 4.0+ development environment. microMighty's software component framework was designed using GNU-C code that can be cross compiled on any system with the GNU ARM cross-compiler.